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[ ] you are obsessed with being "cool"
[ ] you want to be a demon scythe 
[x] you smirk a lot
[x] you have red/grey skinny jeans (even though I rarely wear them.)
[x] you always seem to have your hands in your pockets
[/] you play piano (I had lessons when i was 5 x3 )
[x] you think you have a demon in your brain who keeps telling you to be crazy and be one with the madness.
[x] you tend to be sarcastic (especially with my parents)
[ ] not to mention stubborn.

TOTAL: 5.5

[x] you have lots of books and read a lot
[ ] you like to hit people on the head with said books
[ ] you want to be a demon scythe meister
[/] you're optimistic (depends)
[/] you're flat-chested ( ehhh.... )
[x] you hate your dad (If he would only understand how important my girlfriend and Friends here are. )
[ ] you always seem to be wearing a skirt 
[x] you always wear combat boots ( They come in handy ^^ )
[x] you do well in school ( I guess so. )


Death The Kid:
[ ] you are a perfectionist 
[x] you always wear black clothes
[x] you like the number 8 ( Its like a 0 With a belt x3 )
[ ] you can skateboard 
[x] you want to be a twin pistol meister ( How cool is that? )
[/] you have awesome hair (( It ranges from anime hair, to an afro, so yes and no xD ))
[ ] you always seem to know whats going on ( The exact opposite. )
[/] you often get fan girled over ( There is that one special girl... )


Black Star:

[ ] You are called annoying often
[/] Not to mention arrogant (sometimes)
[ ] You want to be a chain scythe meister
[ ] You like to wear clothes that have stars on it.
[ ] You have a high pitched voice 
[ ] Your hair likes to defy gravity 
[x] You think you can surpass god ( surpassing nothing is easy. )
[ ] You always feel the need to be the center of attention

TOTAL:  1.5


[x] you're kinda timid ((Very timid.))
[x] you let people push you around ( but not my loved ones. )
[x] you have long black hair (( long for a dude. ))
[ ] you want to be a chain scythe
[x] you could transform into different types of weapons ((If by weapons you mean personality then yes.))
[ ] you wear lots of knee socks
[x] you get embarrassed and apologize a lot (( I have no idea what's gotten into me, Sorry! ))



[/] you are a total perv (( At times :iconsmexytongueplz: ))
[ ] you are a ginger
[ ] you are a player/ladies man ((I hate players..))
[ ] you cry more than necessary (( I need to cry more, and I need to show my feelings more often. ))
[x] you are obsessed with a person you love ( obsessed is an understatement ^^. and not a small one, sometimes I wonder if I should lighten up though :I  )
[ ] said person hates your guts

TOTAL: 1.5

Dr. Stein:

[x] you like to dissect things
[ ] you want to be a death scythe meister
[x] you are crazy (Seriously, everyone who calls themselves "crazy" who isn't in a mental hospital I would like to punch in the face >:C) <-- ((D:>)) ( If only you knew.... if only you knew... )
[x] you are tall
[ ] you wear a white coat and/or turtlenecks 
[ ] you don't love anyone ( that's just sad. )
[/] you have a very monotone voice (( I dunno. ))
[x] you wear glasses ((Im going to for a year or so, then I think I get to go back to normal!))
[x] you fall out of chairs often (( People say I look like a turtle on its back o . o ))

TOTAL: 5.5


[/] you are a scaredy-cat
[ ] you paint your fingernails often
[ ] you have long blond hair
[x] you have a younger sister
[ ] you want to be a twin pistol
[ ] you wear jeans/a red top often
[x] your voice is somewhat manly ( O u O )
[/] you wear a funny hat ( I used to wear a top hat xD )
[x] you're kinda girly ( feels feels feels )



[ ] you are completely BONKERS
[x] you like giraffes
[ ] you want to be a twin pistol
[ ] you have an older sister 
[ ] you have short blond hair 
[ ] you wear jean shorts a lot
[ ] you're Adorable (( I get mixed reactions to my looks, Some people say im horribly ugly, others say im handsome as fuck. I don't care anymore.))
[/] You can be nice and can change to being mean in a second. (not mean, pessimistic and or depressing. )
[x] You act like a kid that is under 7 years old even though you are not. 
TOTAL: 4.5

Sid The Zombie:
[/] You like to wear white headbands ( Id love to. )
[x] You constantly talks about how you are that kind of person ( way too much )
[ ] You like the number 23
Total: 1.5

Free The Werewolf:
[/] You are silly.
[ ] You have a incredibly bad sense of direction. 
[ ] You are physically very strong, fast or both. 
[/] You like puzzles. (that momment when everything comes together, nothing quite like it, but i suck at puzzles xD )
[ ] You know how to do martial arts. ( only a little boxing. )
[x] Your favorite or one of your favorite element's is ice. ( second to darkness. )
[x] You were in jail. (( I don't wanna talk about that. That goes into the repressed bin. ))
Total: 2

Eruka The Frog
[/] You like magical objects
[ ] You believe in magic/can perform it
[ ] You perform odd rituals on a daily basis
[x] You like frogs. ( I enjoy dissecting them )
[ ] You say ribbit like a frog a lot.
[x] You prefer to flee rather than fight.
Total: 2.5

[x] You have crazy hair. ( It has a mind of its own! )
[/] You can use a sword. ( does a machete count? )
[x] You are negative, naive or both 
[ ] You say I don't know how to deal with it.
[x] You are a very submissive person.
[x] You can become dangerously unstable, showing signs of insanity and aggression. ( Then people get hurt ; A ; )
[x] You sometimes spout senseless comments and laughing at random moments. ( too true. )
[ ] You are incredibly nervous and jumpy, and the slightest thing can make you frightened.
[x] You are incredibly emotional. ( INCREDIBLY EMOTIONAL. )
Total: 6.5

[ ] You are loud-mouthed.
[ ] You are rude. 
[/] You are confident.
[ ] You call people names. 
Total: 0.5

[x] You enjoy manipulating people.
[ ] You tend to laugh hysterically while picking on someone you find attractive.
[x] You have unbelievably high skills in acting. ((I can make up the saddest stories and act them out [Once I made someone else cry just with one story] , Its a great skill to know. And no, I have not Told you any, I'm completely honest with you guys. c; ))
[/] You take incredible pleasure in other's pain when you are the one causing it. ((If its someone that caused any pain to someone who didn't deserve it.))
Total: 2.5

[ ] You say "Fool" a lot.
[x] You can annoy others. -pokepokepoke-
Total: 1

Lord Death:
[ ] You like to wear a skull mask any time you can.
[x] You are very intimidating looking. 
[ ] You like to use the Reaper Chop on people.
Total: 1

[ ] You can use lots of swords. 
[x] You can be the strong but silent type. 
[x] You are very obedient. ( If I believe in who's leading me. )
[/] You love children. 
Total: 2.5

[x] You are normally a calm and intelligent individual. 
[ ] You prefer to drink wine.
[x]  You have a particular interest in "madness"
Total: 2

[ ] You are a expert at making things out of wood or metal.
[ ] You are highly uncooperative with the majority of people. 
[ ] You are extremely rude, not caring who he offends.
[x] You start arguments. (( If Its a friendly Intellectual one.))
[ ] You drink most kinds of alcohol.
Total: 1

[x] You are caring and a gentle individual, and you openly expresses your personality at all times. (( o w o ))
[x] You show great compassion in creating and maintaining a kind relationship with anyone you meet. ((unless the're douches ^^ ))
[x] You normally have a smile on your face. 
[x] Whenever a friend is in need, you will always try to help in any way you can no matter the situation. (( I try my best. ))
[x] You are always concerned for the well being of others.
[x] You dislike seeing others unhappy, and you are always up to cheering the individual up (( Again, I try. ))
Total: 6

[ ] People describe you as a bossy 'little brat'
[x] You are very respectful towards everyone. 
[x] You like books
[ ] You have very good sight. 
[ ] You clap to get their people's attention.
Total: 2

Justin Law:
[x] You can be described as polite.
[x] You listen to music a lot.
[ ] You annoy other people who are not aware that you are capable of reading lips, leading them to think that you are ignoring them.
Total: 2

I'm Crona and Marie I guess o u o
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